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Hand Build Square Weave Basket
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Community Potters

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The Cracked Pot Studio offers an energetic, creative environment that fosters learning and exploration with clay.  

This hidden gem in Bellefontaine, Ohio offers courses for beginner to advanced potters as well mini classes to explore the clay medium.

After completing the introductory course series, students are offered the opportunity to become members of the Community Potters which encourages further development of pottery skills with the support of other likes minded artists!  

The Studio is located in the Union Station Complex and utilizes 3 distinct areas for class instruction, hand building, wheel work and glazing as well as a completely separate area with 3 kilns for firing.

Kinds of Classes & Workshops

Couples Pottery

Couples Pottery

Beginner Pottery Wheel

Beginner's Pottery

Hand Build America Flag

Handbuild Flags - June
June 2nd & 16th

Beginner Pottery Wheel

Advance Pottery

Cracked Pot Ceramics

Glazing Ceramics
Every Wednesday

$5 per visit plus the cost of Ceramic


613 Hamilton Avenue, Bellefontaine, OH 43311



(937) 935-4754